Kolstrand Building

Ballard: Chippy’s Fish & Drink

The Kolstrand Building was owned by the Kolstrand Marine Supply Company for almost 80 years. Built in the early 1900’s it’s a historic landmark in neighborhood and now home to three very fine bars serving some of the tastiest foods in Ballard.

On a Friday night, we made our way to The Walrus and the Carpenter for dinner, but get road-blocked with a 90 minute waiting list. Checked in at Staple and Fancy, but wandered out to Chippy’s Fish & Drink, one of many Ethan Stowell restaurants and bars.

First, I have to say I like a place that sports a fish phone and ample octopus decoration. I really like the batter on their fish, but it’s sad that their chips are so mundane; it seems to be a curse on Seattle seafood bars. Chef April Bloomfield needs to come to Seattle and teach everyone how to make proper chips. Also, for a sea side town, you would think that decent fried fish would come at a decent price. Nope. None. Nada. Expect to pay $15 minimum for your fish and chips, but if you drink like a fish you probably won’t notice the price at all. Chippy’s is a full bar and stocked heavily with scotch, wines, ciders, cocktails and 50 beers found in draughts, bottles and cans.

Thankfully as of November 2014, Chippy’s is now hosting happy hour from 5-6p Monday through Friday. Snacks go for $5. Fried oyster sandwiches and all selections of fish and chips for $8 apiece. Cheap drinks like Rainier and Tecate for $2 as well as a selection of NW brews and ciders for $3. Ahoy matey!

Website: http://www.ethanstowellrestaurants.com/locations/chippys/

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